Fall 2013 McDonald's Rec League Registration Now Open
Dateline: Tuesday June 4, 2013

Registration for the McDonald’s Coast FA Fall 2013 Rec League will close on Sunday 9/08/13. Our league this year will include U-4 - U-14 boys and girls. All practices and matches are played at beautiful Socastee Park located at 7485 Butler Road off Enterprise Road ( across from the Wacatee Zoo - Click for map). All matches are completed by noon each Saturday. The head coach of each team will determine which days and times their team will practice during the week . An average rec league team practices twice per week and if you would like to request a coach or to be placed on a team with a specific child, please make a notation under SPECIAL REQUEST on the online application.Please view the timeline below for important dates. All players are required to purchase a uniform kit each Fall season that will also be used the following Spring due to some of our sponsors changing each year. The match schedule will be completed on September 17th and posted on www.coastfa.com . All teams will have their first match at Socastee Park on Saturday September 21st.

Please forward any questions to admin@coastfa.com or call Ross Morgan at 843-340-6062 or Heyward Gulledge at 843-602-8086.

Sept 8th.....Registration closes
Sept 9th, 10th......Teams are assembled, coaches acquired for each team
Sept 12th.....Coaches meeting where the head coach receives his/her teams players contact information and uniforms for his/her team
Sept 12th....Coaches contact his/her team members and sets practice days and times. Each coach dictates their teams days and times.
Sept 17th.....Practice can begin for all teams.....coach decides days and times for his/her team....coach issues uniforms to players
Sept 17th ....Rec league schedule posted online at www.coastfa.com
Sept 21st....All rec league matches begin at Socastee Park.....all matches start at either 9:00 am or 10:30 am and completed by noon
Nov 16th.....Rec league tournament.....every player receives an individual trophy.....Coast FA fundraiser with Hanser House Restaurant.

Please click on "Register" on the left side of the page to sign up for the 2013 McDonald’s Fall Rec League or click here.

Please note that for registration purposes only, our online registration system groups Rec league registrants in two age groups, U04-U06 and U07-U14. League play will be divided into the following age groups:

U04 Division: Birthdates 08/01/09 through 07/31/10
U06 Division: Birthdates 08/01/07 through 07/31/09
U08 Division: Birthdates 08/01/05 through 07/31/07
U10 Division: Birthdates 08/01/03 through 07/31/05
U12 Division: Birthdates 08/01/01 through 07/31/03
U14 Division: Birthdates 08/01/99 through 7/31/01

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