Coast Players Introduced To The Miracle League
Dateline: Wednesday October 16,2013

Fifteen Coast FA players received the gift of a lifetime when they were invited to participate in the Grand Strand Miracle League’s first ever soccer skills training session last night at Doug Shaw Stadium.

Miracle League directors Tory Mackey and Kate Duggan worked with Coast DOC Ross Morgan and Soccer Lockers own Ansel Lovell to organize five skills stations ran by Coast players and members of the CCU women soccer team. " The chance to interact with these kids is truly a life changing experience for our players and we look forward to being back out in a few weeks with a different group of our kids. These are some of the coolest kids that you will ever meet and they really trained hard tonight " said Morgan.

You may find additional information on the Miracle League at http://www.grandstrandmiracleleague.com/

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