McDonald's Coast Spring Classic Results
Dateline: Monday April 28, 2014

Two hundred seventy two teams from throughout the Southeastern United States converged on the Grand Strand over the weekend to compete in the 6th annual McDonald's Coast Spring Classic. Matches were held at Market Commons, Doug Shaw Stadium, Ashley Booth Stadium and the new North Myrtle Beach Sports Park. Coast FA, a local youth soccer club hosted the event and club DOC Joel Banta was very happy with the weekend. " It takes about five months of work to pull off an event of this magnitude. There are a lot of very dedicated people who have to all be on the same page to make it happen. Add in perfect weather the entire weekend and it should have provided some great memories for the kids " said Banta.


Under 08 Girls 1st  Division

Champion: GA-SC Bulls 05 Girls

Finalist: Coast 05G Red

Under 08 Boys 1st Division

Champion: SCU/MP 05 Boys Real

Finalist: DSC05 Green

Under 08 Boys 2nd Division

Champion: SCUFC 05 Boys Red

Finalist: DSC 05

Under 08 Boys 3rd Division

Champion: FSA Rapids

Finalist: SCUFC 05 Boys Blue

Under 08 Boys 4th Division

Champion: SCU/MP 05 Boys Dortmund

Finalist: BUFC 05B Inferno

Under 09 Girls 1st Division

Champion: SCUFC 04 Girls Blue

Finalist: 05 Norcross Fury Premier

Under 09 Girls 2nd Division

Champion: DSC 04 LADY GREEN

Finalist: SCUFC 04 Girls Black

Under 09 Girls 3rd Division

Champion: TUSA 04 Dortmund

Finalist: SCU/MP 04 Freedom

Under 09 Boys 1st Division

Champion: LNSC Huntersville U9 Highlanders

Finalist: DSC 04 Green

Under 09 Boys 2nd Division

Champion: WakeFC AC Milan

Finalist: SCU/MP 04 Rapids

Under 09 Boys 3rd Division

Champion: Tusa 04 Malaga

Finalist: DISA Spurs

Under 09 Boys 4th Division

Champion: SCU/MP 04 Dynamo

Finalist: SCU/MP 04 Whitecaps

Under 10 Girls 1st Division 8v8

Champion: SCU/MP 03 Pride

Finalist: SSA 03/04 Premier

Under 10 Girls 1st Division 6v6

Champion: DSC 03 Lady Green

Finalist: SCUFC 03 Girls Blue

Under 10 Girls 2nd Division 6v6

Champion: SCU/MP 04 Spirit

Finalist: SCUFC 03 Girls Black

Under 10 Girls 3rd Division 6v6

Champion: SSC Girls 03 Blue

Finalist: GA-SC Bulls 03 Girls Black

Under 10 Girls 4th Division 6v6

Champion: DISA Gators

Finalist: FSA Storm

Under 10 Boys 1st Division 8v8

Champion: TFC Ral 03 Navy

Finalist: Coast 03 Red

Under 10 Boys 2nd Division 8v8

Champion: GA-SC 03 Bulls Boys-KO

Finalist: GA-SC 03 Bulls Boys-DR

Under 10 Boys 2nd Division 6v6

Champion: FWSC Fiorentina

Finalist: DSC 03 White

Under 10 Boys 3rd Division 6v6

Champion: SCUFC 03 Boys Navy

Finalist: FSA Flame

Under 10 Boys 4th Division 6v6

Champion: SCUFC 03 Boys Silver

Finalist: K4C U10 Fire

Under 10 Boys 5th Division 6v6

Champion: BUFC 03B Storm

Finalist: Liverpool 03 Callaghan

Under 11 Girls 1st Division

Champion: SCU/MP 02 Girls Beat

Finalist: SSA 02/03 Premier

Under 11 Girls 2nd Division

Champion: BUFC 02G Pumas

Finalist: Coast 02G Red

Under 11 Girls 3rd Division

Champion: TUSA 03 Lyon

Finalist: GA-SC Bulls U11 Girls

Under 11 Boys 1st Division

Champion: SCU/MP 02 Galaxy

Finalist: Wake FC Barcelona

Under 11 Boys 2nd Division

Champion: SCU/MP 02 Fire

Finalist: DSC 03 Green

Under 11 Boys 3rd Division

Champion: SCUFC 02 Boys Navy

Finalist: TFC Ral Orange

Under 11 Boys 4th Division

Champion: TFC Ral White

Finalist: GA-SC Bulls 02 Boys Red

Under 11 Boys 5th Division


Finalist: DSC 02 Black

Under 11 Boys 6th Division



Under 12 Girls 2nd Division

Champion: Sky01

Finalist: CR 01 Girls

Under 12 Girls 3rd Division

Champion: Liverpool 01 McMahon (SC GW)

Finalist: SCUFC 01 Girls Black

Under 12 Girls 4th Division

Champion: U12 JUSA Fury G

Finalist: LCGSA Dynamite

Under 12 Boys 1st Division 11v11

Champion: TFC Ral 01 Navy

Finalist: LNSC HV Highlanders

Under 12 Boys 2nd Division 11v11

Champion: JASA Coastal Surge 01

Finalist: Liverpool 02 Boys White

Under 12 Boys 1st Division 8v8

Champion: BMSC Fusion

Finalist: TUSA Porto

Under 12 Boys 2nd Division 8v8

Champion: TFC Ral 01 White

Finalist: NW YMCA Strikers White

Under 12 Boys 3rd Division 8v8

Champion: TFC Ral Green


Under 12 Boys 4th Division 8v8

Champion: TUSA Chivas

Finalist: CASL Wave

Under 12 Boys 5th Division 8v8

Champion: XLSW City

Finalist: JUSA United Black

Under 12/13 Girls 1st Division

Champion: Durham City

Finalist: 02 Norcross Fury Premier

Under 13 Boys 1st Division

Champion: Liverpool FCA 00 Rush

Finalist: WCUSC United Orange

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