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Coast FA PDC Program expands to Stables Park in Pawleys Island

Date: December 21, 2015

Coast FA has successfully secured a field usage agreement with the Georgetown County Rec Department to bring the Coast FA PDC Program to Stables Park in Pawleys Island beginning January 5,2016. We have long felt that the Waccamaw Neck / Georgetown communities should have Coast FA U7 – U12 youth soccer select teams filled with primarily Georgetown County kids. The field usage agreement at Stables Park will provide us the opportunity to create them. Removing the burden of bringing young players to Socastee Park should allow many more children the opportunity to play for Coast FA. Training will begin January 5th on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 530pm until 700pm under the supervision of Coach Joel Banta and additional Coast staff.

QUESTION: What is the Coast PDC Program and does it replace Rec League ?

ANSWER : The Coast PDC Program ( player development center ) is for players that desire more soccer than comes with the typical Rec League 8 week season. Our PDC Program is administered by licensed professional coaches and we participate in the Coastal Development League based in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. The Fall program runs August – November and the Spring program is January – April.

QUESTION: Which age groups are eligible for the Coast PDC Program ?

ANSWER: We are going to start out at Stables Park with boys and girls U7-U12 ( birthdates between 8-1-03 and 7-31-09 ) only because we are limited to one full field at Stables Park.

QUESTION: Will Coast run a Rec League at Stables Park ?

ANSWER: No, Georgetown County will continue to run their Rec League at Stables Park. Coast FA will continue to run the McDonald’s Rec League at Socastee Park for ages U4-U14 boys and girls. We have teams comprised of Waccamaw Neck/Georgetown kids that participate in our McDonald’s Rec League that will be allowed to practice at Stables Park on Tuesdays and Fridays.

QUESTION: How will you create PDC teams in January 2016 ?

ANSWER: Now that we have a field usage agreement, creating teams at Stables Park is our next major hurdle to clear and we have a very short window of time. We plan to flood social media, use our broadcast email system and depend on word of mouth from our existing players to spread the news about new Coast teams being created at Stables Park. There are a lot of kids interested in soccer that did not have the means to travel to Socastee Park so by Coast coming to Pawleys it should make things much easier for them to participate.

QUESTION: What will training look like on the first day January 5th ?

ANSWER: Our plan is for Coach Banta and his staff to run technical training sessions as a U7-U12 group. As new players begin to register for the Coast PDC Program we will create gender/age specific teams that will be assigned a coach and team manager. Once a gender/age specific team is created they will leave the U7-U12 group ran by Coach Banta and begin to train on their own with their coach in a different part of the field at Stables Park.

QUESTION: How many teams will you have at Stables Park ?

ANSWER: We received the field usage agreement just yesterday 12/18/15 and are really in a time crunch to enter teams in the Coastal Development League by the January 18thdeadline. The number of teams at Stables Park will be determined solely by the demand for our product. We are in hopes our getting enough kids registered to create several teams by the January 18th deadline so they could play in the Spring 2016 season of the Coastal Development League. Our long term goal is to create a U7-U12 PDC Program at Stables Park similar to our current program at Socastee Park . Tryouts for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 season will be held in May 2016 at both Parks.

QUESTION: If I am a current Coast FA player can I train at Stables Park ?

ANSWER: Yes. If you are a U7-U12 player born between 8-1-03 and 7-31-09

you may attend training at Stables Park or North Myrtle Beach Sports Park on Tuesdays and Fridays in addition to Socastee Park on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at no additional charge.

QUESTION: As a parent how can I speed up the creation of teams at Stables ?

ANSWER: Simply spread the word for all interested parents of U7-U12 boys and girls to bring their players to Stables Park for a training session on Tuesday January 5th at 530pm. We will hold a parent meeting from 545pm until 700pm to answer additional questions and explain how to register. You may browse our website at to familiarize yourself with Coast FA. The cost of our program listed on the website is for a full year beginning each May. If you choose to enroll your player in January 2016 the costs will be pro rated for one half of a season.

QUESTION: How can I get more info about registering my player ?

ANSWER: Everyone is away for the Holidays until Saturday Dec 26th. After that feel free to contact us at Joel Banta 843-458-2558 Joelbanta@Aol.Com, Heyward Gulledge 843-602-8086 Heyward@Coastfa.Com, Ross Morgan 843-602-6062 Ross@Coastfa.Com or Jimmy Deane 843-957-3429 Jimmy@Coastfa.Com

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