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Coast Teams Medal at Pre Season Event

Date: Monday August 24, 2020

Coast Teams Medal at Pre Season Event

Youth soccer is officially back ! Sixty teams from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia participated in the first annual Coast Pre Season Classic at beautiful North Myrtle Beach Sports Park over the weekend. “The soccer was very good however what stood out to us was the level of cooperation and patience shown by everyone involved. In the new COVID world that we live in we were very pleased to see the parents, coaches, players, referees, vendors, city employees and Coast FA staff all working in harmony to host the event. The overwhelming majority of people seemed genuinely happy to be playing soccer and viewed the mask requirements as a small price to pay to get the kids back on the pitch . Coast FA teams showed very well at the tournament with three championships and four finalist placements “ said Coast Director Heyward Gulledge.

Under 09/10 Boys 1st Division Champion: Florence 2011 Boys Finalist: Coast 11 Black (Image)
Under 10 Boys 1st Division Champion: PISA Hurricanes 11B Finalist: Coast 11 Red (Image)
Under 11 Girls 1st Division (9v9) Co-Champion: Lexington SA 10G GOLD Co-Champion: Bulls SC 10G Red
Under 11 Boys 1st Division (9v9) Champion: WUFA 2010 Boys Navy Finalist: Coast 10 Black
Under 12 Boys 1st Division (9v9) Champion: Coast 09 Red (Image) Finalist: BUFC Lions
Under 13 Girls 1st Division Champion: CISC ECNL Futures 08 G Finalist: Bulls SC 08G Red
Under 13/14 Boys 1st Division Champion: PISA Hurricanes 08B Finalist: Coast 08 Red (Image)
Under 14/15 Girls 1st Division Co-Champion: CISC ECNL Futures 07 G Co-Champion: CISC ECNL Futures 06 G
Under 15 Boys 1st Division Champion: PISA Hurricanes 07B-White Finalist: Pender United Storm
Under 16 Boys 1st Division Champion: Coast 05 Red Finalist: Effingham United '05B
Under 17/19 Girls 1st Division Champion: Coast 02G Red (Image) Finalist: CISC ECNL Futures 05 G
Under 17/19 Boys 1st Division Champion: PISA Hurricanes 04B Finalist: 02 URYSA SUMMERFIELD RED

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