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All coaches, team managers, administrators and volunteers must complete the SCYSA Employment/ Volunteer Disclosure form. Printout and complete the SCYSA form and email to DenaMauney@Yahoo.Com.


SCYSA Employment/Volunteer Disclosure

Player Registration & Liability/Medical Release

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Combined Registration - Parent - Player Code of Conduct

Financial Assistance Application

Coast FA Club Logo

Coast FA Travel Reimbursement Policy & Schedule For Coaches 

Coast FA Tournament Participation Policy

SCYSA Interstate Transfer/Release

SCYSA Notification To Travel (Within Region III)

SCYSA Red Card Notification

SCYSA Tournament Guest Player

SCYSA Player Transfer/Release

Proof Of Entry Prior 10 Years Of Age Waiver

International Clearance Request

Recreation Soccer Player Selection Draft

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