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CFA Academy Testimonials

"The Academy program by Coast FA has been a wonderful experience for our 6 year old daughter.   The coaches were great with the kids and able to keep the training sessions fun and interesting. What was different with this program versus other programs we have been part of was the focus on footwork and skills.  There was no pressure on the kids to score goals or win games.   They were rewarded after every training session for accomplishing the skills they had learned and executed.  Our daughter loves to kick her soccer ball around the yard and show off her new skills like pull backs and scissors.  I highly recommend this program to all parents for any child that wants to learn the game of soccer."     ...Scott Heffernam  

"Wow, what fantastic coaches!  My 6 year old has learned great footwork skills while having tons of fun.  The additional Saturday sessions taught him all about positions on the field and where to be in relation to the ball.  He looks forward to playing again in the Spring."    ...Thank you, Cindy Black

"Starting our 4 year old in soccer I wondered if she’d even make it on the field, or would be more entertained by running in the grass like most kid sports. Not only did she turn right into a little soccer player but she learned the real aspects of the game. Her grandmother asked once what she was doing dancing around the ball, she quickly said “I’m not dancing I’m doing my scissor kicks.” Our 8 year old has been playing soccer since he was 3 but has a whole new outlook on the game after just one season. It’s no longer just getting the ball to the goal but instead learning plays, skills, and playing as a team with his friends. Thank you to the coaches of Coast FA, you made every practice and game worth every penny. We are already counting down till the next set of sessions, and looking forward to our children continuing to grow in this game!"  ... Kristin Taylor Clemmons

"Thank you so much for a great season! Scarlett absolutely loves soccer and I love that you provide skilled couches to team the game! We look forward to the next season!"     ...Virginia Burt 

“There is no doubt that Coast FA is an exceptional youth soccer program! My 6 year old daughter has learned ball skills beyond her years under the coaching of highly qualified professionals. The training sessions are fun while not compromising a challenging level of instruction. Coaches have high expectations for the growth of each athlete including improved ball control, footwork, and executing those skills during game play. I highly recommend this academy program for any child that wants to learn the skills it takes to be an outstanding soccer player!” - Laura Hickman


Coast FA soccer program has literally been a game changer for my two daughters! The professional coaching and emphasis on learning ball skills has made an incredible difference in my daughters understanding and enjoyment of the game. It’s been amazing to watch the transformation from playing soccer to understanding soccer! We are excited to continue to advance in the program!!        - Kelly Bermudez

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