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What is the "End Game" at JMM for South Brunswick County

Mar 22, 2019

Parents and Players,

Some of you have asked what are the goals and where are we headed with soccer programming at JMM for South Brunswick County. Below is a brief summary of the “End Game” for Ages 4 through 12 followed by links to three short skills videos you will enjoy..  Please keep in mind that the Federation, US Soccer, mandates small-sided games for ages 12 and under.

Step 1.

  • Grow the player base to have set team rosters within single age groups that compete against each other at JMM in formal league scheduling.  
  • Maintain training under the academy environment led by licensed coaching with parent assistance. Set rosters do not train separately.  Training is set by age group, then skill.  Grouping according to skill set becomes more significant as the player pool grows.  This is for the benefit of and to maximize player development.    
  • As we have said before we train all-comers.  Players develop ball skills at different rates at different times, and other sporting interests and activities will impact the rate of development for some.

Step 2.  

  • Identify players of a similar skill set within a predetermined age group subject to the makeup of the player pool.    Add an additional training session for this group. We are now at three days a week instead of two for such players.
  • Please note that there is no reason to preclude the entire the player base from moving to the next level.  However, those that want to continue two-days a week may do so. 
  • Players of a similar skill set are rostered to teams to compete against other teams at other venues in a local area league.  This means travel to Myrtle Beach and North Brunswick County for league games/match play.  There is an emphasis to maintain limited travel when scheduling league games.
  • As the player base grows a tiered league schedule of games develops. 

Step 3.

  • Stepping up further, we invite players from multiple venues within Coast FA of similar age and skill set to participate on tournament teams, which means travel beyond the local area and overnight stay. This is not to say that a tournament team roster cannot come from a single venue player pool. The level of tournament competition for a specific tournament dictates the roster selection process.
  • Coast FA hosts, if not the largest, then one of the largest youth soccer tournament events in the Carolinas for 12U and under.  More than 300 12U and under teams enter our tournament held the last weekend in April.  Add to this a Labor Day tournament starting in 2019 as a reoccurring event. The advantage is again limited travel for quality competition.

Step 4.

  • At age U13 select at the highest level is by invitation and generally requires statewide travel for league play, three days of training at centrally located venues which means further local travel to training.  All league play is full-sided (11v11).
  • We hope to be able to reduce 
  •  Rec still takes all-comers and travel is limited to local area league scheduling.  

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