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Saint Patrick’s Hardware

Dateline: Monday March 14, 2020

Saint Patrick’s Hardware

Eight Coast FA teams returned home with hardware from the Saint Patrick’s Cup in Columbia, S.C. over the weekend. Three championships and five finalist awards were earned from the fifteen Coast teams that entered the event. “ Special thanks to our parents and players that made the trip. Our club showed really well at this tournament. We appreciate SCUFC going the extra mile to host their event through adverse conditions “ said Coast Director Heyward Gulledge.




Coast 08g Red - Champion U14 (Click for Image)


Coast 12g Red - Champion U10 (Click for Image)


Coast 14 Red - Champion U8 (Click for Image)


Coast 10 Black - Finalist U12 (Click for Image)


Coast 10 Red - Finalist U13 (Click for Image)


Coast 11 Black - Finalist U11 (Click for Image)


Coast 12 Red - Finalist U10 (Click for Image)


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